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Reinhold and I met in 1977 when we both fell in love with Afghan Hounds as we visited a show in N├╝rnberg and bought our first Afghan in 1979 while still living in Germany. We shared our home with Afghans until 2012. From 1980 until 1989 we lived in the US and decided to create a kennel name so - "Quazar" - the brightest star in the galaxy - was born. On our return to Germany we encountered pronounciation problems with Quazar and decided to register our kennel with the FCI in 1991 under the spelling of "Quaesar". In September 2010 we lost our beloved Afghan male Tigger, brother to Drago, who now was alone so we decided to find a wonderful new mate for him. We researched all the sighthounds and decided we wanted to own a Whippet...

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our beginning and future plans

Our puppies are part of the family and our goal is to find the right homes and keep close contact with their families to insure their well-being and happiness naturally for both pups and owners.

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Deborah & Reinhold Einberger

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