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Reinhold and I met in 1977 when we both fell in love with Afghan Hounds as we visited a show in N├╝rnberg and bought our first Afghan in 1979 while still living in Germany. We shared our home with Afghans until 2012. From 1980 until 1989 we lived in the US and decided to create a kennel name so - "Quazar" - the brightest star in the galaxy - was born. On our return to Germany we encountered pronounciation problems with Quazar and decided to register our kennel with the FCI in 1991 under the spelling of "Quaesar". In September 2010 we lost our beloved Afghan male Tigger, brother to Drago, who now was alone so we decided to find a wonderful new mate for him. We researched all the sighthounds and decided we wanted to own a Whippet. We started looking for our first Whippet and were introduced to Bitte and Pieri Primavera of Sobers Kennels by my great friend Lotte Jorgensen at Padenghe, Italy in May 2011. They had planned a repeat litter with Marco and Fewie that produced the incomparable Ingrid and we were so delighted to be able to acquire a puppy from this breeding. In early November 2011 we met the "Sobers" family to pick up our precious Nepia and our life was changed so positively. Drago loved her from the start and found a new, loving and playful companion to live with. When Drago died in April 2012 we wanted to find a new companion for Nepi and again luck was by our side as Bitte and Pieri had just bred Ingrid to El Rey. They had a litter of five and there were only two beautiful girls to choose from, but for us it was not hard at all. We loved and adored Pomelia from birth on and were so pleased when she was brought to us at the Donaueschingen shows in August 2012. We have had a wonderful time with our special girls and Pomi surpassed all our expectations by far. In 2015 we decided to have our first Whippet litter out of Nepi and choose Lusen to be the sire. This litter has fulfilled our hopes to obtain from this combination our goal to breed healthy whippets with great dispositions and correct body build without losing elegance which is so essential and important in sighthounds. The whippets have won us over with their charm, strong family sense, intelligence, faithfulness and loving character and we look forward to many more years and memories with this wonderful breed. With our A-litter our family has grown larger with wonderful people and friends we treasure and are thankful to know.

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