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Everything you would like to know about our puppies and goals.

FCI-Standard No 162 Whippet

We took our time before breeding our first litter to get acquainted with the breed, learn the standard and most important is to acquire and use the best quality dogs to get the best possible results. You may not always succeed at first, but a good strong basis is a fundamental part of breeding. We have learned a lot over the almost 40 years of owning dogs to give us the belief and have the goal to breed healthy and sound Whippets. Along the way we had the good fortune and luck to meet peers that shared their knowledge with us.

For us it is of utmost importance to insure good health, character and soundness to breed the best dogs with each other. The phenotype is essential as we can see the visable compatibility of the selected partners. To complement and round off the whole breeding the genotype is very important to achieve and keep type, preserve traits important to the breed and for future breedings with the goal to improve on the bred dogs.

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